Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We have taken the plunge!!!

... and it feels a bit surreal! After waiting one full year now on the waitlist (to join the official waitlist) for Ethiopia, it almost felt like it was never going to happen! Like it was all just a fantasy. One of my resolutions this year was to make this adoption happen - and so I am!

Today, I have confirmed with a private agency in BC that we will be registering with them. The papers have arrived today and are almost complete. Once the $3500 is paid (yikes!)... we will officially be well on our way to our Home Study.

No, I have still not heard hide nor hair about Ethiopia... in fact, the regulations just seem to get more and more difficult there and the process is moving at a snails pace.
Insert - DRC (aka CONGO). This is a new program in Canada, but is looking promising. The process seems to be relatively fast! The only kink - is that our agency will have to work with an US facilitator out of Georgia, and we will have to complete adoption education classes in Vancouver for 2 weekends for our home study. This sucks - not only is it going to add to the expense of the adoption, with travelling and hotels etc - but what do I do with my children!? Luckily, I have a pretty nice neighbour I think I can butter up! ;) On a positive note, Dan and I have not had a weekend together (sans children) since Muffin was born! 8 years!... so we are due!

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