Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Days... Piece O' Paradise

Although summer is typically always crazy for us on the business end of things, and with having the kids home full time... we have found a new little love that occupies all of our spare time, whenever we can squeak it in. ;)

Erie Lake... and it is only 30 minutes from us.

This place is special for so many reasons...

First of all... it is stocked full of Perch. (My favorite fish to eat!! Yumm!)

... and Brook Trout

And they are big, good eaten ones too.... one of these will feed our entire family. :)

Not only is the fishing good, but the wildlife is abundant as well.
There are Painted Turtles...


No worries... not venomous or dangerous.
Just a Garter.

We love to canoe around and spot other wildlife such as Otters, Beavers, Blue Heron, Ducks of all kinds, baby Coyotes drinking from the water's edge, Cormorants, Loons, and a Bald Eagle who fishes along side of us.

If my children were a little more stable in our rocky white water canoe, I would consider bringing the Canon to capture these!

Last but not least, this lake is special because we usually have it all to ourselves.
That's right, a secret little paradise.


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Jenell said...

Phone has no service where we r and have just been able to log on to wifi here lol good timing since we r leaving tomorrow. Every change i do get to go to some where with service i check text message to see if there is anyword. HAPPY BIRTHDAY even though its late hoping to be able to come see you sept long. Call you this week if i dont hear good news sooner. Itll happen i prey to much about it for it not to