Monday, August 20, 2012

Diapers have landed in Kenya!

A couple weeks ago, I sorted out the best AIO's and Motherease cloth diapers (about 50) from the stash that you all have kindly donated.

We boxed them up...

Drove them across the border into the US.

And shipped them off the Kenya via USPS. Sorry Canada Post - you are way too expensive! $55 priority is what it cost for 20lbs, and they were there within a week! Next time I will ship Regular Parcel for $25.

Metaline Falls is about an hour away from us. Apparently, you can drive a golf cart to work, ...  while the rest of the town sleeps or is just completely vacant. A ghost town... or Twilight Zone... There were vehicles, but not a soul in sight.

So, we figured since the entire town (with the exception of the lady at the Post Office) was gobbled up by aliens, that no one would mind if we just moved on in to this cute little cottage that was for sale.

But, as it appears, the aliens took the keys too! ;)


I have many more to ship, and have been in contact with a few orphanages who are very much in need.

AIO's or fitteds is what will work best for these homes. So if you have some that are in good shape to spare, please send them our way so we can at least help keep a baby dry at night.

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