Monday, March 17, 2014

Whiskey and Gold

This is a Leprechaun Trap 

I realize not every child is aware that the Leprechaun has a hankering for Irish Whiskey.
But, according to my children, they love it almost as much as they love the gold.
The signs read 'Have some Whisky', and 'Free Gold'.
What Leprechaun could resist?
Any smart Leprechaun would follow the trail of pennies, err.. gold, catch whiff of the whiskey (not yet there, as we don't have any left in the house. Darn Leprechauns!), sight of the gold and would sprint across the top of the box, to where he will meet his demise, fall into a hole and get stuck to the sticky tape at the bottom!
Today is the first day of spring break and as you can see, the kids are enjoying themselves. We are looking forward to 2 weeks of sleeping in, pool time and fun projects.

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