Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Post Placement Report #3

43 months

Celebrating 9 months in Canada!

The largest change we saw this term, was her growth. Literally flying out of size 4, into a 5. I am pretty certain the absence of parasites is the cause of this growth spurt.

She is now rocking the scales out 38.6 lbs and 40.5 inches, reaching a percentile of 86% in both height and weight! Did I mention her shoe size is 11!?

Her punctuating is improving and her vocabulary growing every day. The word of the week is 'Delicious!'

She has also found her independence, wanting to do almost everything by herself. Butter her toast, walk downstairs, up a hill etc. without a hand, getting dressed...  "I do it Mommy!'

She is also breaking free of her shyness. She now greets people with a 'Hello', or 'Bye', and very rarely buries her head into my leg (hip now!) anymore. The restoration crew that has been working on our house, has been getting a kick out of her. They can't believe how talkative and energetic she is. I explained that this is all new, although I don't think they believed it for a second!

Pictures from the last few months. (Some new ones, and some old ones from FB for those of you are not FB members.)

Ladybug painting

Zahra with 'B'.

First time skating!

Crafting machine at Strong Start

Mommy allowing me to jump on the couch.

Fashion/weather conflict - caught in the snow.

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