Tuesday, March 11, 2014


This week has been a little chaotic due to a flood we had in our house on Saturday.

Unfortunately, it has resulted in damages to our recently renovated laundry room and kitchen. Why not in the bedrooms, where the carpet desperately needs replacing, or the living room where the flooring is tired? No, we get damage in places that inconvenience us the most and don't need fixing up. (Just to aggravate the situation I'm saying...)

So while we are living in the chaos of a home that is really upside down, it is all too easy to get depressed, annoyed or frustrated by the fallout implications of this, and our daily living situation.

Dining Room
Laundry Room

For the most part, we are just going with the flow, but at the end of many nights, we fall back on a bowl of ice cream or glass of wine, to somehow pacify the situation. Even Dan, who is the forever optimistic, has been caught saying, 'No good deed goes unpunished.'

So while it's a slippery slope down to the pit of despair, we keep reminding ourselves that these are first world problems. Insurance, washing machines, ovens, kitchen sinks, dishwashers etc., all first world luxuries that we take for granted.

We try to take things in our stride, reminding ourselves of the good, trying not to dwell on the bad.

Today, I came across the 100 Happy Day Challenge, which I thought could really help me look at the positives in our lives, the big things I take for granted, and the small things that I often overlook.

The challenge is simple. Sign up, and submit a photo every day of something that makes you happy. Photos are submitted through hashtags via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. At the end of the challenge, you can receive a book of your 100 happy moments.

People successfully completing the challenge claimed to:
 - Start noticing what makes them happy every day;
 - Be in a better mood every day;
 - Start receiving more compliments from other people;
 - Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have;
 - Become more optimistic;
 - Fall in love during the challenge.

I challenge you to join me. 

I will be submitting photos via my personal Facebook page, but I will be making the posts public. Feel free to follow my 100 Happy Days, and if your interested in accepting this challenge, please shoot me a message, or leave a comment so I can follow your Happy Days as well! 

Day #1


Anonymous said...

This seems like such a good idea! I want to join but I wonder if I'll be able to see it through!

Jolene said...

Don't let fear of failure get in your way, it's worth a try!! Let's do it!! :)

Anonymous said...

You're right! I'll start tomorrow, Let's do it!

Elizabeth said...

I don't have a Facebook or Twitter account so how can I do it. It is something I should do especially after what I've been through. I also couldn't see the pictures on your Facebook page. It's a great idea but like Gypsy Mama doubt whether I can see it through. I forget how many days they say it takes to make a change. Good luck with getting things fixed up.

Jolene said...

Elizabeth, check out the website, Instagram or email are both good options for you. Perhaps you need a FB acct# to see my photos? I'll look into it!

Let me know if you decide to join the challenge!