Monday, April 15, 2013

The best gift!

Sick with bronchitis, tired... hubby out of country, homeschooling Mama who has come to really miss the fine conveniences of home like a vehicle, dishwasher, dryer, etc... has finally broken down and treated herself.
It only cost a meager $7, but it made a world of difference in my life today.

Yep, I bought myself a house cleaner for the day! She did my dishes, cleaned the kitchen top to bottom, 2 bathrooms and my floors for 600ksh ($7). House help is very inexpensive here, ranging from $6 - $10 a day depending on what you need. I have a washing machine, so the fact that she does not need to hand wash any clothing, takes a lot less work, making my daily rate lower than her normal rate ($9.50).

We save money by doing all this work ourselves, but having to home school from 9-2 while watching a toddler and taking care of all the household duties and cooking, while being sick... really was not working for me. So until Dan comes back, Jennifer will be my new best friend 2 x a week.

Cheers to just breaking down and gracefully bowing out of the battle!


Elizabeth said...

Good job! You deserve it! Imy BC agency told me Kenya was nine months in country! Wow! Hats off to you and your family.

Sharla said...

I hope you feel better soon. I'm glad you broke down and did something to make yourself feel better. What a blessing it is for Jennifer too as I know that $7 will go much further there than it would here obviously.