Monday, April 8, 2013

A cardboard house suited for a Queen.

When we moved here, we had the option of purchasing a washing machine for $250, or have someone come in 3 times a week to hand wash our clothing and do housework for $10/a day.

I know, cheap!

However, I am that person that cleans before the cleaning lady comes and I really prefer that someone does not hand wash my underwear, cause that's just weird. I also highly value the ability to wash my clothes when and how I want. We weighed the cost savings and convenience out with the fact that employing someone would be supporting a family here, but decided that we would support families in other ways, I needed this one first world convenience.

Well wouldn't you know - the darn thing broke down within weeks!

Five repair calls and five months later, the store finally agreed to give me a refund. Unfortunately this meant coming up with even more money so we could upgrade our machine to one that works (yes, basically they told me their  house name brand is crap.)... but alas, we finally have a machine that works the way it should!

LG, you are my newest friend.

And LOOK... every washing machine comes with a pro bono box of phosphate loaded detergent! :)
With this fine, fantastical machine, came...
a box.

Not just any box though.

With a few cut outs...

Some imagination...

Some paint...

And a large mess later...

Is a house suited for a Queen.

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Katie said...

Cute! :) I built own for Owen ages ago but it didn't have the "style" that yours does - love the doggy door.