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Pu-ri-ty  n. Freedom from sin or guilt; innocence; chastity:

This is one of our favorite little girls at the Mogra Children's Rescue Centre. Her name is Purity. She was brought in one week before we started to volunteer here.

I couldn't help but notice the open wound on her head, so I asked Hannah how she got it.

Purity and I taking a walk at the farm. You can see the wound on her head.
Hannah brought her over to show me how the gash on her head was one of several that her body was literally covered in.

Thousands of scars cover her entire body.
Here is her story as reported by The Star. (Article)

Police in Kiambu are searching for a man said to have gone underground after severely assaulting and injuring his five year-old daughter.

James Chege Gitau is said to have over a long period attered the minor for bed wetting and other minor errors, causing her grievous bodily harm.

The girl who was yesterday rescued from their house in Ruthiru-ini village, Riabai location, Kiambu district, has since been transferred to a children’s home. Her mother, Mary Nyambura, has been detained at Kiambu Police station.

The County Children’s Co-ordinator, Mwambi Mong’are, said the mother will be charged in court with child abuse and neglect along with her husband.

Mwambi described the act as heinous and inhuman and said the Government will ensure the man is charged in court. He said cases of child neglect and abuse are on the rise in the county and called for collaborative efforts in addressing the vice. He said each Kenyan should report any form of child abuse in respective areas.

The nursery school pupil narrated news reporters how his father has been beating her up on a daily basis using a belt and slapping her on the face. The minor whose face is swollen and bears marks of severe lashes in other parts of the body oozes blood from a wound in the left ear.

She said her mother did not stop her abusive father from inflicting pain on her but would often apply pain balm and wounds and swellings. Her other two siblings have not been mistreated by the father.

Riabai location chief, Francis Migunda, who rescued the minor, said he had received information from members of the public on the tribulations of the child before raiding the home. He said his officers recovered rolls of bhang and confirmed that the suspect is a former convict.

The chief said the minor’s mother confessed she could not report the incident for fear of the husband but has also been battering the helpless girl whom she said was not her husband’s biological daughter. Kiambu police station boss, Mr Felician Nafula, said a manhunt had been laynched for the suspect.
The newspaper printed a photo of her back, but the quality was not great. This is a better representation.

Have you ever seen anything so terrible?!

We fell in love with her the first day we met her, and lavished her with goodies.

Purity and Muffin have become quite good friends. She runs and jumps into Muffin's arms whenever she sees her.

The thing that amazes me most about this little girl, is her resiliency. She was literally beaten every day of her life. Severely. Yet, she is a happy, sweet, girl who, somehow, managed to keep her sparkle.

She loves to play, laugh and have fun. Scars may cover her tiny body, but her heart is large and remains intact. We love you sweet girl!

Please consider helping us raise funds to expand the baby house at Mogra to raise the quality of life for these little ones. More information here and on our facebook event page. Donations accepted by Canadian institutions via online e-transfer to mografundraiser (at) and Paypal for the rest of the world at jolenelath (at) Every dollar helps, these children deserve it so much!

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Jacquie said...

These stories you are sharing are just amazing. Thank you for sharing them, and thank you for the all the work you and others are doing at Mogra.