Monday, December 12, 2011

How I get my way 'Tree Hunting' his way...

Hubby and Misterman prefer to hunt their trees.

The Muffin and I prefer to have more than 5 branches to hang our ornaments on!

In this area, you cannot go cut your own tree down at a tree farm... where the trees are beautiful. So you just cannot have a good looking tree and cut it down.

I will admit, the thrill of the hunt is fun... typically in 3 feet of snow or more. They boys with their saws... girls with the camera and hot chocolate.

This year, we got the best of both worlds! Our friend 'B' and her daughter 'E' wanted to cut down a tree this year. Because her husband was out of town, I was able to convince the hubby that helping 'B' hunt one down would fulfill his needs, and swinging by the Save On to purchase one on the way back would fulfill mine!

It was a gorgeous day outside... perfect for hunting! (And for playing!)

'B' ,  'E' and their dog Dax.

Muff and I make a poor attempt at making a heart.

Glorious snow!

Mister could play in it all day!

Mister and 'E' take a break - tree hunting is exhausting!

... A little fun with editing my favorite model.

I think this might be the one!!

A baby one for Grandma and Grandpa too! (and a rare opportunity to get a shot of me with the family - typically, I am invisible Mommy behind the camera!)

'B's lovely tree! Probably the nicest 'wild' one I have ever seen! We did good!!

Tree hunting for our tree looks more like this!!

...And is a good car freshener too!!

The only picture I have so far... will post some nicer ones later! ;)


Sylvie and Victor said...

I am jealous of all the snow out west!!! We have no snow on the east side. I really wish we can get some soon!

It seems like you had a nice time picking out a tree for your friend.

Sarah said...

3 feet of snow?! Yikes!

Love the tree and the family photos. Your kids are so cute!