Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sleep, or lack thereof... Okay, I am going to layout the weekend sleeping situation in my house. First, some background...
Myself - light sleeper, no bad sleeping habits. I get the chills at the sound of grinding teeth.
Dan - Snores, talks, walks and chews in his sleep and grinds his teeth.
Mr. Man - Does not ever sleep straight in a bed, nor does he sleep under the blankets. Starting to talk and grind his teeth in bed. Xtreme kungfu kicker in bed.
Muffin - Grinds her teeth at least 20 times a night (and I wake up every time!).
Mikha - 9 yr old lab x collie, starting to snore.
Koda - 8 month old collie x australian sheppard, loves to sleep on the bed and lick your feet and ears.
Sugar - 9 yr old cat... loves to knead on anything soft... usually the children.
Spice - 9 yr old cat... LOVES to sleep right above my head, and purrs louder than a John Deere tractor.
Weekends mean: all of this in one King size bed. I get a orchestra of talking, grinding and snoring, compounded by a painful kidney massage by Mr. Man, several visits by Spice who's purr is loud enough to cause an avalanche, crying children because Sugar is digging her claws into their bellies, Muffin complaining of being cold, as Mr. Man is laying on the blankets, and a special suprise last night - Mr. Man got diarrhea twice in the middle of the night! - then Koda wakes us all us up bright and early with kisses in the ear.
I do get to sleep in on the weekend mornings... after all, the only sleep I get is after they all leave the bed!
It's a school day tomorrow and children are in their own beds tonight (until around 2am, when Mr. Man sneaks in), so hopefully I will achieve some sleep tonight!

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