Thursday, February 4, 2010

Purple Poo!

It's been a few years now that we get weekly deliveries of local, organic produce from Endless Harvest. Yesterday's delivery came with 6 large beets, a huge head of cabbage and a fantastic bundle of dill! That can only mean one thing... borscht! My kids are generally pretty good eaters, but borscht is not necessarily a kid friendly soup. To get Muffin to eat it, I just need to include her in the making of it. She peeled the carrots, added all the ingredients to the pot and was the official stirrer (if that's a word?). With boys you need to be more creative. You need to think BOY. The key to get Mister to eat borscht or beets in general, you tell him it will turn his poop purple! And then... he gobbles it up! (It is true though... haha!)

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