Saturday, February 6, 2010

I have a dream....

I want to adopt from Africa, and return every 5 years to make a difference. A BIG difference. You can build a well for a village for as little as $10,000.00! Some people have to travel 3 hours by foot to retrieve water (and then 3 hours return) that is full of parasites. Children run bare foot through creeks etc. that are so polluted it burns their feet... Water that cannot be used for irrigation let alone drinking or washing. I can raise $10k in 5 years... easy. I just need to figure out the adoption part... Ethiopia is such a long wait, but I would REALLY love to adopt from there.
I recently heard from a Canadian who is starting the process for a Rwandan adoption. You have to do it independently... there are no programs for this country. This means a faster process, less money, but is much more risky. I am really trying to find more information. However, there is not much out there.
Then, there also is Haiti... which is just an unmitigated disaster at the moment. All adoptions are ceased and may be for a good long time.
Here's hoping for some direction...

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