Monday, September 9, 2013

Free Giveaway to help the Orphaned Children of Mogra!

You recall when I introduced you Mogra? After my heart was ripped from my chest when Baby Daniel died...
I shared it with you here

I took on the challenge of making a change in his honor, so his death meant something.

I asked and you gave! Putting big smiles on the children's faces here!

Then, I celebrated the accomplishment of transforming Mogra into a facilitation home for adoption here.

To date we have raised $2500 for the Baby House, and we were fortunate enough to be in Kenya when construction started, to physically help in the process.


Since coming home, I have jumped on board with a wonderful organization, run by Mom's like me with a heart for the orphaned. They have agreed to assist us with our Baby House Project!

 Linked Through Love is 100% volunteer run, to ensure that every dollar gets to where it is needed the most. These are Mom's who have adopted, who have been to these developing countries and seen the devastation. Moms who have been left with the haunting memories of the faces of the children left behind. Let me tell you, this is something that never leaves you.

Children like little Jordan here, who suffers from a skin condition that we cannot get diagnosed.


Those of you with similar conditions, or sensitivities, know how expensive treatments are. Well imagine having to pay hundreds just to see a dermatologist, the cost of hypoallergenic soap in Kenya, lotions, special non lactose baby formula, etc, etc. These are things you do for a child with sensitivities. Has Jordan had any of these? Sadly, no ... there is no money to support this. Don't worry though, I'm working on this problem behind the scenes, to find a solution for Baby Jordan.

Then we have children like little Sharon here who was so neglected before she came to Mogra that she clings to the slightest bit of attention. Put her down, and her world collapses. She goes limp, and thrashes around. She is the child that you simply cannot pick up or hold, unless you have hours to spend, simply because it breaks her heart every time you leave.
Every child has a story.

Every child has suffered trauma.
Every child is deserving of Love.
Every child is deserving of a Home

What can you do to help?
Ultimately, it takes money - but there are so many other ways you can really help (and be entered into the draw!)! SEE BELOW!
If helping these babies wasn't incentive enough, I am going to sweeten the deal for you!

Once we have reached $100 in donations from this blog post, I will be giving  away this beautiful, hand made in Kenya, paper beaded necklace.

Once we have reached $300 in donations, I will give this bag away.
Hand made in Kenya by the girls at Mogra.
Padded, with zippers in a local Kenyan fabric - your sure to love it!

How can you be entered in this draw?
1. You will receive one entry for sharing this post on your blog.
2. You will receive one entry for sharing this post on your Facebook.
3. You will receive TWO entries for heading over to Linked Through Love and donating as little as your morning coffee money!
IMPORTANT - to complete these entries, you MUST leave a comment here on this blog post, indicating that you shared on your blog, fb and or donated - or combination thereof.
If you do not comment, I will not know to enter you in the draw!
I will be shipping the above items at my own cost to North America only.
Contest ends September 30th/2013.

 In the end, your dollar, or assistance in achieving these dollars, will help to give these babies a bigger home. Giving them more room, means that more babies will be saved, and more babies will have the opportunity to be adopted. And for the ones who cannot be adopted? They will have better quality of life. Right now, there are 38 kids in a 2 bedroom apartment! That is no way to live.
Please help us help them.

Thank you for making a difference in these children's lives!
Catch all the info and photos not shown on the blog here:



Gypsy Mama said...

Hey Jo! I shared this post on my blog and on my FB and I also donated $25.00 to buy floor tiles.

God bless you and the work you do, you are truly an inspiration for me, and I mean that!

'Jo' said...

Thank you so much for your share and your wonderful donation!! You have some fabulous readers who have not only visited this post, but donated as well! Thank you all for taking your time and sharing my heart! xo