Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First day of school through Zahra's eyes

As soon as she woke up, she could sense the charged air, full of frenzy and excitement. Muffin and Mister were quite excited to see all their friends, teachers and actually be back in the classroom setting again.

As they were sorting out their school 'stuff', Zahra got right involved. Not wanting to be left out, I witnessed her searching for her backpack, then her running shoes, water bottle and snack. 'I do!', or 'Me too! is what I was hearing. I always knew this day would be a hard for her. Going from 1 out of 15 kids in an orphanage to 1 out of 3 kids in a family, means she has always had other children around. This was going to be a difficult transition for her.

We indulged her, packing her backpack with the school essentials and headed off to school. On the way she was singing, 'Me go to school...'. Of course, she actually had no idea what this meant, but she could sense it was not something she wanted to miss out on.

During the ride, we explained to her that school was not for Mommies, just kids and that if she wanted to go to school, Mommy couldn't stay with her. But if she wanted, she could play for a little while at school and then come home with Mommy and have some fun together.

We arrived early, snapped some photos and then played in the playground as the kids started to roll in.


Then she discovered the Kindergarten class. Oh my, the toys to play with! I allowed her to play for a few minutes, then had to take her once the kids started to arrive. She was not too happy.

I finally was able to have her agree to leave the school by telling her we were going to see a puppy. As we stood out front, meeting a friends dog, she noticed the children in the school window and it wasn't just any classroom, it was her brother's classroom. She remained glued to the window, watching her brother.

Then the time came, and we had to leave. She cried for her brother the entire walk to our van, a block away. So upset. Until, I bribed her with grapes and a cheese stick, and all became well with the world again. :)

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