Monday, December 17, 2012

Kenyan elves don't make Fisher Price toys.

I browsed around last week for a Christmas present for the kids, and this is what I found.

Ocean Wonders Nesting Pails - 5,495 KES - $63 CAD/US
Never mind the fact that it looks like it 10 years old and the packaging is all beat up.
Muffin had these when she was little - I paid $10 for them.

Fisher Price Learning Letters Mailbox. 9,156 KES - $105 CAD/US
These sell for $25 in stores in N. America.
Can you say RIDICULOUS!?
Needless to say, Santa will not be gifting any toys this Christmas.
(Note to adopting parents - bring toys with you!)

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Journey to You! said...

I find my daughter doesn't really play with toys, she will use her play pots and pans and play, but mostly she runs, climbs and mimics. Toys were crazy expensive there too, I bought a polly pocket saized tiana doll for 20 OUCH