Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meet Margaret!

Margaret Ngami

No, this is not a referral - Margaret (on the left) is our sponsor child with Plan Canada.

Did I fool you?
 That wasn't very nice of me was it - lol... I know many of you are eagerly anticipating our referral as much as we are! When I saw this photo, I knew it just had to be done! Sorry about that. (Insert evil laughter...)

Margaret is 10 years old... one year older than Muffin. We have sponsored her for over 6 years now! Yes, before we ever decided to adopt, and certainly long before we decided to adopt from Kenya. What are the chances of that?

These last photos above were taken 2 years ago. The ones below are older. 

(So glad they got a new camera!) 

Margaret, from what I can tell, lives alone with her Mother who is 32 (similar in age to me). 

We will be visiting Margaret in Kenya and look forward to bringing her a backpack filled with gifts, hopefully in time for Christmas. 

I have purchased a few back packs that a few friends of mine have sponsored to fill for other children in their village. 

I will have to think about what to get her Mother from Canada...

We very much look forward to visiting her. It will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to see how 'real' Kenya lives. It will also bring them a deeper connection with our sponsor child and hopefully show them the importance of lending a hand, and how a little can go a long way in helping someone less fortunate. 

Our sponsorship dollars do so much for not only Margaret, but for their village as well. 

If you would like to consider sponsorship - please visit Plan Canada

2yr old Chiwaya is waiting in Kenya for a sponsor. 
With Plan Canada you can choose the age, gender and location... right online! ;)


Candice said...

You totally got me! My thought process went like this:
"Margaret! Their referral!!
wait-why have they decided to call her Margaret?
Maybe they've had a change of heart and named her after some older female relative
Maybe this post is about that relative"

'Jo' said...

Too funny.. you should have seen my sister's reaction! I laughed and laughed... Yes, it is possible that 'adoption' has warped my mind. lol

Jess said...

Tricked me too :)