Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Waldorf doll... my latest obsession.

You may know that I love homemade, and natural things. Seriously then, what is not to love about this?

With sweet little options like 'freckles'...

Hair that is made from natural yarns, often hand dyed and spun...

'Dread yarn'

'Curly' Yarn


'Nubby' Yarn

Wefted Fur

Most all these photos are from Dragon's Fly Hollow. Look for them on Facebook, as most of their activity takes place there.

These dolls are not cheap however. The patterns are made, natural cloth cut and sewn, stuffed with wool, shaped, faces sewn on, cheeks colored and hair that is sewn or crocheted on. That's a lot of work... and of course they wouldn't be complete without homemade underwear and an outfit! These dolls are all over $200, and they are very hard to get. Only limited amounts are made, and the demand is very large.

Dragon's Fly Hollow has developed the Mama Made. The body of the doll that you can purchase for $85, and then you can sew your own face and hair on.

So... I took the plunge and ordered a brown skin body, and am currently having some yarn dyed and spun for me! So exciting!!

Sneak Peak..

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Candice said...

Wow! These are gorgeous! You'll definitely have to post some pictures of your creation when she's all done. :)