Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A referral in the group!

We have this tight lil adoption group on Facebook. 11 women from Canada, US, Germany, Iceland (Denmark) and the Netherlands... who gather during the few hours that we are all awake, so usually early morning and late night, since are time zones are almost opposite from one another, to discuss everything from shoes to every facet about adoption that you can imagine. We have been connected for over 9 months now, holding each other up and cheering each other along... occasionally gaining a new member here and there.

Well today (or her yesterday), we had our first official referral in the group! We are so elated and overjoyed for her! She is American currently residing in Kenya. You can find her here.

It is truly encouraging to see this happening! It reminds us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! We got to see a couple snapshots of him... which was the best, encouraging, eye candy we could possibly have!! Many of us are waiting for NAC approval news right now, so it is a great distraction for us to live vicariously through her as they meet their little boy and get to know him.

Congrats Jessica... we are so very happy for you!! (You can watch her blog... you may be able to even catch a sneak peak of him. ;)

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