Monday, February 3, 2014

Mogra Baby House Complete!

I would like to present to you - the result of your hard work and determination. Many people chipping in has resulted in this amazing Baby Suite, literally changing the quality of these children's lives and providing a home to many others!

Thanks to the assistance of the Linked Through Love Foundation and some super awesome people across Canada, we were able to raise over $7600 to complete the Baby House at Mogra! This is over the $2600, that we raised while we were in Kenya!

The new baby unit has allowed Mogra to separate the babies from the younger children, allowing the babies to safely have floor time where they can learn to sit, crawl, walk, and stimulate their minds. The children are no longer forced to share beds with up to 5 other children at a time, and the caregivers are also given adequate sleeping quarters as well. Hygiene has improved, making it easier to isolate and reduce the spreading of illnesses. Best of all, it means that Mogra is able to accept more children, saving more lives.

The cloth diaper collection that I started so many years ago is finally in full swing. The donation of some washing machines, and the funding to finally be able to install them, means they can easily implement cloth diapers in their routine. This not only saves money, but it also means that they are not needing to burn those diapers, poisoning the air they breathe.

One year ago, this project seemed way over my head! We started with baby steps, collecting diapers, purchasing Kenyan goods for Dan to take back to Canada to sell, slugging bags of mortar up those stairs (okay, well... Dan did that!), etc. Then, when got our feet back on Canadian soil, we were so fortunate to be approached by Linked Through Love. We got to work, spreading the word and organizing fundraisers. People from all over jumped on board. Silent auctions, dessert events, face painting booths, birthday parties, Christmas card sales... you name it. We all came together and made it happen! I am so proud of what we achieved together! Thank you all so much!

Enjoy these pictures of what you helped create... and the happy faces that resulted from it!


Anonymous said...

amazing! God bless his children.
sam mkenya.

Kirstin said...

Amazing, Jolene!!! Everything looks great and the children are precious! Thanks for sharing!