Thursday, July 25, 2013

Splash! One of many firsts!

2 and over used to be considered an older adoption. Then, as adoptions became more difficult, it has slowly risen to 3 and now 4. However, most parents still request babies under 2, for reasons we all can easily understand. Mainly, because they want to experience a baby and don't want to miss out on many of those special moments in their first years.

Zahra was 26 months when we first met her. I thought that yes, I too would have preferred a 'baby'. But what I didn't expect or think about, is that I still get to experience many of her firsts. No matter what age you adopt, you will get to share in many new experiences. Everything from first grocery store shop, first ice cream, bouncy castle, sand between the toes, bubble baths, pony ride, spaghetti dinners, swimming pool... etc. Large or small, you literally are experiencing almost everything with them the first time.

You don't realize the simple daily things, until you see the wide eyed stare as she watches a playmate squirt water out of this long green hose. She goes to touch it and can't figure it out. How did he do it? Then, when you show her, she spends the next hour enamoured by this simple little thing.

Life is full of many amazing things to her. So really, other than the time that we could have been lovin on her and experiencing her own milestones, there is so much that we didn't miss out on, that I never took into consideration!

Splash Park

Her take:
Cold water spraying from every angle.
Why are the children running through this water?
Why is this fun for them?
Wait a second, there is a practical solution to this... It's an easy way to get a drink!

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