Sunday, May 19, 2013

Introducing our daughter, Zahra Thompson!

On May 10th, we passed court and this little one was officially named our daughter!

I must admit, the moment it happened was a bit anti-climatic.

I prepared for 2 days. Doing Z's hair, purchasing a gift for her and picking out the right clothes for everyone to wear.

When we arrived at the court house, we quickly noticed that we were only 1 of 3 families who chose to be present for their hearing. (It is an option for the judgement, which seems a bit crazy to me...). The families who were attending, got precedents and were heard first. We actually were the very first case!

Between cries from a little one, and intermittent chatter from the two toddlers in the room, we strained to hear the judge who speaks barely above a whisper. I heard our case being called, a few mumbles and then with a slamming of our file on the desk, he said 'I have no objections to this application..'... and that was it. No trumpets being played, no applause, no gavel being struck... and no confetti. He simply moved on to the next case.

When our lawyer's cases had all been heard, he motioned us to leave the room. Outside, Dan looked at me and asked what happened. He had no idea when or even if they made judgement!

At home we had a little celebration, gave Z a special little necklace and a matching one for her sister (early birthday present). We took some photos, and then went out for dinner with some friends.

While she has felt like ours since the day we brought her home, it's a big relief to legally be her parents.

We are now working on getting the necessary documents to apply for Z's passport, followed by her visa. Our flights are scheduled for the 18th of June.

Canada we are coming home!


Kristen said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! This is the MOST fabulous post Jo!!!! Zahra is GORGEOUS!!!!! Many hugs to you all!!!

Katie said...

Congratulations Thompson family!!! What a wonderful journey for you all and so nice to make it official! I know what you mean about anti-climatic, we got a copy of Owen's adoption order in the mail about 9 months after we'd already become a family in everyone eyes and hearts. Still, it is nice to have those legal documents that state you are theirs and they are yours.

Jacquie said...

Congratulations! I have loved following your journey, thank you for sharing it with us.
I have a question about the Kenyan adoption process. You mentioned that Dan returned to Canada during your time in Kenya. What is the requirement for both spouses being present in Kenya? When did you both have to be there, when was it ok to only have one parent in country, and is there a minimum requirement for you both to be present?

Candice said...

CONGRATULATIONS JO!!!! I am so so happy for all of you! Less than a month to go now and you'll be home.
Such a beautiful family and what an incredible experience!!

'Jo' said...

Thank you all! Jacquie, Dan did have to go back, for work obligations and because of his Father's health.
We were told prior to coming that only one parent needed to be present, but both were required to be here for all interviews and court etc.
It appears now that due to a large amount of adopting Fathers leaving the country for work... The Children's Department is starting to give parents a hard time.
While there currently is no current policy in writing, we are told that they are looking at implementing one that states that both parents need to stay in country for the bonding period. (3 months after taking custody.)
I don't know if this will actually happen, but I think it is best that any potential adopting parents plan on staying put for this period of time. :)

Jess said...

Finally! It has been so much fun to watch you go through your adoption process. Can't wait to hear how it goes once you end up back home!

Crystal and Mick said...

Congrats on your exciting news! I've been following along for a few months and anxiously awaiting this post.

My hubby and I are considering international adoption in the next few years. We are currently waiting for a second match with our domestic adoption...our initial match fell through 24 hours after birth. We were devastated but will anxiously wait for our chance to bring our baby home!

Congrats again :)

Elizabeth said...

Are you home yet? I've been waitung for a post!