Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4th, 2013 Kenya Election

The day has come and gone, and we all sit tight waiting for the results.

This is a great article that not only gives a current update but some background and history of the last elections that resulted in extreme violence, resulting in the death of over 1000 people

Photo: Julius Mwelu/IRIN
Millions turned out yesterday to battle the voting lines. We have friends who went to the polling stations before 6am and had to wait up to 10 hrs! Lines over a km long. I can't imagine having to stand that long in the hot sun, no food or water. Talk about dedication!

Despite a close watch, and a system developed to ensure an election without corruption, we have heard of some 'funny' things happening at the polling stations. People being told their names are not on the on the voter list if their name is not obviously Kikuyo (supporters of Kinyatta). Others are being given multiple ballots.

The radio reports of a very quiet downtown core... People quietly waiting in anticipation. The people of Kenya desperately seek change, but in peace. They have businesses to run and families to support.

Currently Uhuru Kenyatta holds the lead, but if he doesn't win at least 51% of the votes, there will be a run off in April. This is when they expect their to be violence, if any.

We have stocked up on water and groceries should we need to stay in our compound due to any violence or shortages in the supermarkets. However, we feel very secure in our neighborhood and are not concerned. We also have great connections with our local Kenyan Mom and Pop shops. Fruit stands, Milk bars etc, that will deliver to us if necessary. 

Stores were crazy on Saturday when we did our 'stock up' shopping. Fresh milk was already sold out, the bread shelves were bare and it was a race to get a few of the last packages of Ichiban! (Mr Noodles)
With no relevance whatsoever, here is a photo of a cute Zahra enjoying her bath. :)

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