Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Confessions - My 'lines' have been crossed.

It's crunch time... so I literally have to write this in under 5 mins.

My hubby has been slaving at work to get things done. The other night he worked until 2am, then back up at 6am. That leaves me to manage every.thing. else. I think I may be over my head here. I am honestly not sure if I will get everything done on time. One way or another it will get done though, even if it's not done the way I want.

So with things in overdrive, our lives are in complete disarray...

The proof? Oh let me count the ways...

I used 3 ziploc bags in each of the kids' lunches today, and didn't care.

I have thrown paper and cardboard in the garbage because it was closer than the recycling bin. Add to that tin cans and plastic bags.

I am encouraging the use of plastic cups, cutlery and plates.

I have used cleaners that I uncovered from the bosom of our sink cabinet - full of who knows what toxins. That includes a magic eraser that just about took my skin off - note* - wear gloves!

I have purchased fabric softener and used it to leave our towels and bedding soft and smelling lovely. I also purchased Downy Unstoppables which I am in love with and don't even want to think of all the chemicals in them. I will live in ignorant bliss for another 10 loads or so... (I also use them as room fresheners as well).

I have missed breakfast and lunch on most days. (But increased the coffee intake.)

That coffee now consists of instant coffee as I have packed the kitchen away.

I let my son eat pumpkin pie for super last night. (It's squash at least right?)

Tonight's dinner was Sunny Boy porridge and toast.

I'm considering a 7 day fast or shake cleanse to save time not having to worry, but then realize that I still have to feed our children - so I consider frozen food, and if I had one - I would surely consider the microwaveable variety! (Do you hear me Tracy?! You know it's bad when!....)

Sorry earth... and my dear children who may be skipping a couple food groups these days. I promise to resume my responsibilities to you once I can find my way out of this maze of boxes and into the arms of Kenya! 11 days until we board that plane!


prso Peter Rison said...

Hakuna Matata,
It will all,be allright!

See you all soon in NBI !!!

Peter,Jane, Matthew and Kieran

Denise said...

Sometimes it's those little things that you give up (or give in to) that just keep that little bit of sanity you have left. Your sanity is more important than the teeny tiny difference you might have made by putting cans in recycling ;) You'll get there! I know it's insane, but soon you'll be on the airplane and everything else will just feel like nothing.

'Jo' said...

Your so right Denise... we can only do what we can, and right now I do not have the capacity to focus on much else than pure packing and survival! lol

Anonymous said...

I love this post, I know this so well! Last resort: Red Bull, or a cheap Red Bull knockoff! The thought of you and a microwavable food is hilarious. Sending you all my best wishes in these busy times. Love Björk and family.

'Jo' said...

Oh my... I will remember that in a time of complete desperation Bjork - I have never had a red bull before, so I am afraid my heart may just stop! lol.

I know hey! Ha... it's a good darn I don't own one, although, what's worse - microwavable frozen food or fast food?

I cannot wait to get out of this mess and meet you all... I hear wine calling my name all the way from Nairobi!! ;)

Sylvie and Victor said...

OMG! I can just picture you running around the house going crazy. I'm sure the microave will not kill your do what you can and the rest will just have to wait or just won't get done.

Good luck. :)