Sunday, January 31, 2010

Frozen Veggies... a great tip!

I had my children 17 months apart, and I had to be creative to entertain them at dinner time so I could get dinner made and on the table. All parents know that this time of the day can be challenging. The kids are hungry and getting tired. One of the tricks I kept up my sleeve was to give them a handful of frozen peas (organic if possible) on the tray of their high chair. For some reason, babies, toddlers and children love frozen veggies! A great way to keep them quiet for a few minutes and get some good nutrients into their bellies! This is a great tip for children who aren't great eaters... I have not seen a child turn down a frozen snack! To this day, my kids go nuts for frozen veggies whenever we have them in the house (prefer fresh when possible), and fruit!

The other day, when my kids were having lunch... I got the bright idea to cool their soup off with frozen peas instead of the old standard ice cube. Why did I not think of this earlier!?? Of course, they loved it... got some extra greens and their soup didn't get watered down!

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